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Hi There!

I'm Naomi, The PR Chick! I am a Public Relations Consultant, Author, International Speaker, Personal Branding Coach & Brand Strategist that helps individuals, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and CEO's to discover, define and develop their unique personal brand in order to effectively communicate their expertise and stand out in their craft or industry both on and offline. Essentially I am a Brand Builder.


I am also the founder of Garrick Communications – a boutique PR agency and a Certified Reputation Champion by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) with over 20 years of experience in Public Relations & Marketing, working with over 100 brands and individuals. I am also contributing writer for


​I am passionate about helping people to see the greatness that sometimes they cannot see within themselves by helping individuals to identify or re-invent their unique personal brand in order to stand out in a noisy world. 

“I received more value from Naomi in one hour of working together than I have from others that I have known for more than a year. If you are seeking a fresh set of objective eyes to help you gain perspective and prioritize your next steps for your personal brand, then Naomi is the professional for you.”

- Emily McHugh

Founder & Lead PR Chick - Garrick Communications

Author | Speaker | Personal Branding Coach Contributor

As a Personal Branding Coach and Certified Reputation Champion I help Entrepreneurs + Executives to get clarity on who they are, understand their value and expertise and find the right platforms to communicate this with their audience.


Through my workbooks, workshops and individual coaching

programmes, I help my clients to:


Get CLARITY on who they are by understanding their passions and core values.


Understand their UNIQUE VALUE and the problems they solve.


COMMUNICATE in a clear and effective way to attract their ideal audience.


Natalie Murray

"Working with Naomi helped me to garner some very concrete implementable solutions to improve my branding presence. Naomi is a pleasure to work with!"

Andrew Nooks-1.jpeg

Andrew Nooks

“At first I was skeptical, as I thought to myself; what can she possibly tell me that I don't already know or can’t do on my own. Well, I was disarmed after my first interaction, impressed with her initial findings, blown away by the way she communicated the results and was eager to implement some of her recommendations. I encourage you to at least engage with her for an initial consult. You will be happy you did."


Ryan Simons

“As soon as we started, it was a great experience. She took the time to understand where we were coming from and did a real deep dive into what we had done so far. The result was actionable advice within a weekend. And even after our sessions had been completed we got real feedback on other initiatives we were undertaking. I am exceedingly happy to have worked with Naomi, and would definitely recommend her.” 


Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid

“A better personal branding coach you could not find. She preaches about the importance of authentic you and she practices what she preaches. Naomi believes in empowering others by sharing her industry knowledge with those around her. She is the consummate professional who truly wants her clients to be the best versions of themselves! “

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