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Founder & Lead PR Chick - Garrick Communications | Author | Speaker

Personal Branding Coach | Contributor

As you begin or continue your personal branding journey and get closer to understanding your brand, your unique experience and how to effectively communicate this to your ideal audience to stand out as the thought leader and professional that you are – I have curated some of my offerings to get those brand recommendations into action.

I know for many professionals, finding the time to update the profiles, edit the bio, while trying to work out the strategy, choose the platform and do new head shots can sound like a lot – I know you are already thinking “where am I going to find the time?!”

And that’s why you have me to guide you wherever you are on your personal and professional brand journey. Choose from a suite of workbooks, courses and coaching services to start positioning, packaging and promoting your unique brand today.

“Before I started listening to Naomi Garrick, I don’t think I even knew what personal branding was. I thought of a brand as something that a company has or a product may have … I never thought of myself as being a brand until I started following Naomi and seeing where your personal brand can really be a very strong thing. And since then, I’ve actually went on to use my personal brand to establish a very successful business. And I’ve even used my personal brand and named my business after myself.”

- Kalilah Reynolds



Online Brand Audit



Get Your Online Brand Audit in 72 hrs


Brand You Discovery + Strategy Session



90 minute consultation


Brand You Discovery Session



45-Minute Session

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Follow Up Call



45-Min Virtual Session



Customised Personal Branding Workshops for CEOs, Corporate Executives, Sales Teams & Entrepreneurs

Did you know that every member of your team is a walking and talking billboard for your company and your company’s brand? From the security guard to the CEO - they are all a representation of you and your company!

When individuals and employees have a better understanding of their personal brand, they will:

  • Gain confidence in their knowledge and expertise

  • Communicate their services and offerings in a clear and concise manner

  • Identify their ideal target audience

  • Generate more leads and clients

  • Network strategically and with a purpose

  • Be a great representation both on and offline for your brand or company



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PR Chick's Guide To Building Your Online Brand

A step-by-step guide to position, package and promote your personal brand in a digital world.


PR Chick's Mini Guide To Building Your Personal Brand

A mini guide to using your unique brand to stand out from the crowd and elevate your personal and professional development.

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PR Chick's Guide 8 Steps To Building Your Personal Brand

A step by step guide to using your unique brand to stand out from the crowd and elevate your personal and professional development.

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Be A Unicorn

Interactive Journal

An interactive journal on how to stand out in a noisy world by simply being you 



Are you ready to stand out in your industry?

Are you ready to get paid for being the expert?

Are you ready to start attracting your ideal client?

If you said YES to any of these questions - you are ready to build a better personal brand.


Register for these on-demand courses and complete them during your avaialble time. Courses Include:

  • Coaching Videos

  • Downloadable Worksheets

  • Actionable Next Steps

 PR Chick's Guide To Building Your Personal Brand 

In this course, I will guiding you every step of the way as you get clarity on your brand and how to communicate this. 

 PR Chick's Guide To Building Your Online Brand 

How do you stand out in a noisy online world? By increasing your Brand Visibility across multiple platforms! I'll show you how to get started...

 Leveraging Your LinkedIn 

Get the most of your LinkedIn Account 

  • Build A Stand Out Linkedin Profile

  • Generate Thought Leadership In Your Area of Expertise

  • How Network Across The Platform To Create Quality Leads

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