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Book Naomi as a Speaker

Key topics usually covered as a Keynote, Panelist or Moderator:

  • Building Your Personal & Professional Brand

  • How To Stand Out In A Noisy World

  • The Business of the Personal Brand

  • Future Proofing Your Personal Brand

  • Journey Mapping Your Way To A Better Personal Brand

  • Monetizing your Personal & Professional Brand





Winsome Callum, JPS
Director, Corporate Communications, JPS

“Naomi did a session on Branding with our Corporate Communications team, and she hit all the right notes. She brought new insight and a refreshing perspective to familiar issues. The consummate professional, it was clear that she had done her research and was very prepared. She connected very easily with the audience, and left team members energized to move things to the next level!”

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Travis Gordon
Financial Advisor, Sagicor

"Naomi really made me go back to the drawing board with all the insight she shared during her course. Sometimes we really think we are getting it right but things aren't always what they seem. So many solid questions, "what does google say about you", " what does your friend, co-workers, client's and customers say about you", possibly the biggest question that I remember was "WHAT DO YOU SAY ABOUT YOU/WHO AM I?". These questions were just a tip of the iceberg that started to help me redefine my brand, seeing how important even the small details are and start my journey of rediscovery. Keep helping persons to find and express themselves in the most efficient and rewarding ways. Thank you so much!!! You really do live up to your name #ThePRchick"


Reshima Kelly
Brand Marketing Manager at Digicel Jamaica

"The personal branding workshop was great reinforcement for me. The importance of owning your brand and ensuring that it’s represented well on EVERY channel it shows up. The tools shared by Naomi were very useful such as what does Google say when you search your name? What are the top three things? Do you need to do a clean-up? Learning that she offers that service was also good to know. Overall this training is great personally and professionally. "

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